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Hope you will enjoy watching the best Peter Fever Videos and picture galleries of PeterFever and his hot gay friends. This hot Asian gay model has a well built hot body and the biggest Asian cock you have ever seen. Watch him stripping naked and showing off his sexy muscled body outdoors on an alley, where he takes out his cock and jerks off while people are passing by. For this fresh and sexy video you practically get to see the horny stud Peter in a normal day of work as he takes the time to pose and show off that sexy body of his for everyone. Let's see him in action today shall we?
As the video starts off, you get to watch the sexy and horny Peter as he takes off his clothes slowly and he gets more and more into the mood. This nice little video is another little behind the scenes with the lovely Peter and he also get to talk to you about more and more stuff as well. Well they did want to pose nude in another spot but some friendly officers informed him that that's considered a public law space and he could get a fine. So the guys cut the work day short as they still had some very nice images for the update and this video. See you guys soon with fresh and hot updates!
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Check out this Peter Fever Video and watch him playing in his dorm on his day off. After watching the videos of his hot gay friends Peter gets turned on and walks to the window where he strips naked and slowly starts stroking his already rock hard cock hoping that someone from the street will see him. Then he sits back on his bed to finish himself off. Have fun watching PeterFever shooting a nice load of cum in his nice and sexy fresh video for the afternoon. And we bet that you guys are just itching to see him in action one more time for today anyway.

His lazy Sunday begins with him waking up and going through his morning routine. Well he had the whole day free and he decided to just sit in his underwear and play some iPad games as you'd get to watch his nice and round ass. OF course he gets into a more playful mood later, just like Kristen Bjorn does, and so he goes by his window, and starts to massage and caress his muscled body. Watch him slide down his underwear to reveal his nice and big cock, and then see him starting to jerk off right beside the window. And the window is also where his jizz load ended up as well. Well he had some cleaning up to to after his nice little pleasing session it seems!

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My Cock Explodes Thinking About You

This is what Peter Fever likes doing after a hard stressful day. After he gets home first thing he check out the hot gay guys on and chats with them on the cam, Peter gets really horny while thinking about his hot models. And because he likes to share these moments with his hot gay models, he is recording himself while stroking his nice big cock. Watch him jerking off and shooting a massive load of cum in front of the cameras in today's nice update everyone. We know that you wanted to see more of him, and he delivers to that desire today with style as he has this nice and fresh scene for you to see.

Once more as the scene itself starts, you get to find this dude laying on his back on the couch, and as he poses a bit and flexes his muscles, he starts to take off his clothes until he remains completely nude and you get to see every inch of that sexy muscled body of his once more today. You get to see him beginning to jerk off, and he seems determined to blow his load once more in front of the cameras. Sit back and watch him masturbate furiously for your enjoyment, until he explodes and blows his load all over himself and the couch today. Enjoy it everyone and see you soon!

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PeterFever - Playing with his ass

Check out PeterFever getting kinky in the bathroom. After taking a nice shower Peter Fever gets horny and he needs to take care of his rock hard cock. After stroking his cock, Peter starts playing with his ass. You are getting a close up view of his nice ass while he is fingering his asshole and rubs his cock. This pushes him over the edge and he shots a massive cum load all over those sexy abs in this week's nice and fresh update that he has for you. So without further due, let's sit back and watch this horny hunk getting his way done once more just for you, and we promise you wont regret it.

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He took a nice and long shower and after he was all cleaned and dried the stud noticed that his cock was fully erect. Maybe it was because the kept thinking about sex under the shower, and as he was washing his cock he was practically jerking off. Well either way, our dude had to do something about it, and so he decided to have a bit of fun with his nice ass today. Sit back and watch him take his spot on the bathroom floor. And then see this horny dude as he starts to slide his fingers in his ass. You get to see him finger fuck his butt while he jerks off and of course he ends up blowing his load all over himself, requiring another shower!

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You are going to love this Peter Fever sex scene featuring two hot gay guys having a hardcore sex session. Watch them jerking off together and sucking each other's cock and finally watch the cute Asian guy taking a big hard cock in his tight ass. The sexy and hot Peter decided to have himself a little guest today. And it's one of his very good fuck buddies. So you can bet that today you get to see your favorite Asian dude take a nice and hard style dicking from the other stud's rock hard cock. He gave him a call, and when the other dude heard hat Peter was in the mood you can bet he was over before you knew it.

As the scene starts off, you get to see Peter and his friend engaging in a nice and long passionate kissing session, and while they do that, they also take off one another's clothes and make their way to the living room. Sit back and watch the sexy man slut Peter as he sucks and slurps on the other dude's big cock today, and then when he's done, watch him take his place on top of that large cock. For this fine afternoon our dude fancied stretching his butt a bit and he wanted to share it with you too. Enjoy his sex scene and see you like always everyone, next week with some more of his scenes!

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Jerking session on the floor

After having some naughty and really dirty conversations with his gay friends, Peter Fever needed to release the tension built in his body and thought of recording it and hare it with us. Watch hot PeterFever naked on the floor touching his cock and making it hard and ready for a jerk off session. Well Peter sure felt in a very playful mood this time, and he just had to show off once more to you guys. This time he got super turned on and lucky for us we were there to catch his little sexual adventure on cameras. Let's sit back and watch this stud enjoy another superb solo session for you guys.

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As another fresh week started, we knew that something was up with Peter. Today he seemed more energetic than usual and it showed. So we turned on the cameras and this stud surprised us again. He managed to strike some pretty hot and sensual poses and he always made sure to have his muscles flexed. But the guy was eager to get to give himself a nice and hot hand job as he was presenting his cock to the camera. Sit back and watch him jerk off on his nice and big cock today, and see him blow his load all over his abdomen by the end of the photo shoot and his masturbation session. Bye bye!

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Peter Fever Cock

Peter looks absolutely amazing in this Peter Fever Cock gallery. Every time i watch him i get amazed because I'm sure there are lots of well built Asian males but i have never seen before such a hot Asian guy with such a big nice cock. Watch him showing off his hot well built body and flexing his muscles, then playing with his nicely shaved man meat. So this fine week, your favorite horny stud has some more nice and hot images to show off and he just knows that you guys will love it. Once more you get to see him have his fun with his hot body and you get front row seats to the show as always.

For this week's scene the hot and horny stud decided to go for a nice and fresh living room photo shoot and we can only say that this looks simply amazing. Watch him taking off his clothes to reveal those ripping muscles to you once more and enjoy him taking the time to pose into some sexy and enticing poses as well. He knew that he'd get your interest once more and we hope that he succeeded too. But with his simply gorgeous look that's something that's pretty much assured for this scene. Have fun with it like always everyone and do stay tuned for more pictures of him next time!

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PeterFever - Hot Body

While staying at a hotel PeterFever took some amazing shots which he shared with his fans and his hot lovely gay models on Peter, and here I'm sharing with you all one of the scenes i love the most. He is standing completely naked in front of the mirror and flexing those muscles. I can almost see his nice long cock growing and getting rock hard in today's scene. Peter was working out earlier and he was making sure to put his whole body through it's paces as he does enjoy keeping his nice and hot muscled figure. And after he came back home he did some more showing off.

peter showing off his hot naked bodyOf course, you guys get to see it as well, as mister Peter found the time to admire his freshly worked body in his tall mirror. He makes sure to get completely naked first though as he knows that it's important to get to see every little inch of his body. And like we said, you get to see as well. Watch this sexy stud as he starts to touch himself and see him making his way down to his nice and big dick as well. And of course this stud can't resist the temptation to stroke that meat pole of his. So watch him jerking off in front of the cameras and you guys for this week's update. We'll be seeing you again soon enough! Also you might visit and watch some free videos of shemales jerking off their big fat cocks! Have fun!

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Peter Lee Fever

Check out hot Peter Fever naked outdoors during a photo shooting session. First picture is taken from him Yellow Obsession gallery and the other was taken on an abandoned alley. He was having lots of fun while stripping naked on those streets, specially because there were people passing by. Knowing that anyone can see him turned him on so bad that he had to do a quickie. Enjoy watching PeterFever showing off his muscled naked body jerking off his nice big cock outdoors in a public place. He fancied showing off his sexy body to the cameras and you guys outdoors so let's see his scenes.

For today he brings you a nice and hot combo update with two sets of photos of him having some sexual fun. The first one has him posing with a yellow wall behind him and he seems rather eager to show off his muscled body to the cameras as he takes off his clothes. And for the second part of this nice scene you get to see him getting to pose beside a old brick wall as he gets more and more naughty taking off his clothes. And of course you get to see that nice and firm ass of his in full view for today. So have fun with his scene and do come back next week for some more nice and hot scenes like usual. See you then everyone!

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Peter Fever Cum

You will going to love watching Peter Fever cum after an amazing online romance session he had with one of his hot peterfever guy's. He was spending some time watching if his hot models are at duty at the live cams when he came across a very hot guy. Because Peter haven't seen him in a long time, decided to record their love and jack off session. After jerking off that a hard boner he shot his huge creamy cum load all over the place. Well Peter does like to spend quality time alone every now and then and you guys get to come along for the ride this fine week. Let's see this horny stud in action today without further due shall we?

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As the scene starts off Peter can be seen in his suit just browsing the internet. and it seems that this guy was checking out some porn when he started to get more and more turned on. And since there was no one around to check on him, he whipped out his cock and started to stroke it slowly as he was watching porn. And sure enough your favorite stud was soon jerking off on his cock nice and hard. Sit back and watch him masturbate until he manages to blow his huge load all over himself today. We hope that you'll like his update for this week and rest assured that he'll have more for you next time! Until then, check out the site and see some big cocked shemales masturbating!

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